El Surco and Rosaura Lindaura live

Santo Remedio playing at The Matrix in Rotterdam with Fred Abbingh on accordeon and Eduardo Navea as guest musicians.

About us

At the heart of Santo Remedio are three musicians, Macarena Paz Pizarro, Rodrigo Cortez and Alejandro Arrate. Their passion is to explore the roots of Latin American music. A concert with Santo Remedio will take you on a journey, traveling from the green valleys of the northern Andes Mountains, where you will hear the sound of the Charango guitar playing a traditional Huayno, down to the Peruvian coastal regions, home to the Afro Peruvian culture and the Cajon Peruano, passing through the high planes to the hot Argentinian north, where the heart beat of the Bombo Leguero resonates in chearfull gatherings and finally through Chile, where you will discover urban folkstyles like 
Cueca Brava and rhythms of cold and windy Patagonia like La Pericona.  
Depending on the setting Santo Remedio collaborates with different instrumentalist, who blend their sound into this unique ensemble to create an exiting mix of South American, African and European musical elements. 
 Besides interpreting and arranging traditional compositions, Santo Remedio composes their own original music inspired and deeply rooted in the rich musical traditions of the South American continent.

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit is the name we use for a special program. The 60', 70' and 80' where times of great political instability in South America, a time of military dictatorships and social unrest.  When the ruling power tries to surpress threatening social upheaval, the arts wil always resist and act as a soundboard for the sentiment of oppressed humanity. In secrecy and out of sight people will sing until what is forbidden can no longer be forbidden. The songs selected in this special program are "forbidden fruits "of that era, they bring hope and solace during dark times, music sung by musical heros like Victor Jara, Violeta Parra, Mercedez Sosa now interpreted by Santo Remedio. 

Fred Abbingh joins us in this video on accordeon.

Dias Latinos 2021

We where very happy to be part of Dias Latinos Award 2021. This is an impression of our concert, thanks to Maartje Denkers for taking the time to film. The photographs in the video were taken by Peter Putters of De Nozem Fotografie Amersfoort.